Böerger Rotary Lobe Pumps

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Börger Rotary Lobe Pumps are self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pumps. Two synchronized rotors rotating against each other build chambers towards the pump casing. At the suction side the open chambers fill with the conveyed product. The product is displaced in the direction of the volume flow into the discharge side. The capacity is speed related and the flow is reversible. At standstill the rotors the pump nearly perfect seal.

Böerger Multicrusher

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The Multicrusher is an effective, widly applicable macerating unit. The independently working Twin Shaft Grinder is based on the proven design of the Börger Rotary Lobe Pump.

Instead of rotating lobes there are blade and cutter configurations installed in the Multicrusher. The relative rotation speed of the two shafts ensures an optimized macerating effect and pre- vents stringy material from wrapping around the blades and cutters.

The Quick Release Cover allows easy and direct access to all fluid wetted parts.

Böerger Multichopper

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The Börger Multichopper is a comminution device with perforated disk and a multiple-blade cutter blade rotating on the supply-flow side for solid matter included in liquids. It cuts up coarse materials, which can then be comminuted. Multichoppers are applied mainly with diluted media, however, they are also employed in many other industrial sectors.

The medium, consisting of liquid (generally water) and coarse solid matter, is drawn through the opening of the cutting plate of the Multichopper, which is adapted to the medium, by means of a pump or with suction-side pressure. The cutting blades rotating on the cutting plate cause many cuts per rotation and thus a reliable and trouble-free comminution of the coarse material. By means of a central locking screw, the pressure of the rotating cutting blade can be adjusted in optimized relation to the cutting plate. On request, a "cutting-force, suction-side pressure automatic system" is available.

The structuring of the cutting plate, the throughput quantity and the rotation speed basically determine the comminution result. Non-comminutable solid matter - such as e.g. stones or hard metal parts - are isolated before entry into the cutting plate, and are collected in the stone trap arranged below, from which they can be easily extracted.