LR Between Bearings, Single Case, Axially Split, Single Stage Pump




Construction, Cooling Water, Cooling Water (metals), Dewatering and Water Supply (mining), Water Supply and Distribution (water), Offsites and Waste Treatment, Flood Control, Food Processing, Ground Water Development and Irrigation, HVAC, Boiler Feed, Water Treatment, Shower Pumps, Boiler Feed Booster, Condensate Extraction, Water Supply and Treatment (oil and gas), FPSO, OEM, Agriculture


Water Resources, Pulp and Paper, General Industries, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Primary Metals, Mining

  • The split case design with the added benefit of lifting lugs simplifies maintenance by allowing access to the rotating element without disturbing the piping or the driver.
  • Low NPSH enclosed impellers are able to provide optimal high-efficiency performance over a wide range offlows.
  • Radial and thrust bearings come lubricated with oil or grease, depending on your needs.

Designs include:

  • Single row
  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Duplex thrust ball bearings

The life of the seals are prolonged by a heat-treated steel shaft that limits deflection to 0.05mm (0.002 in)

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 2000 m3/h (8800 gpm)
  • Heads to 170 m (560 ft)
  • Pressures to 21 bar (300 psi)
  • Temperatures from -30°C (-20°F) to 150°C (300°F)