Vertical Turbine Solids Handling Pump




Coatings (pulp and paper), Flood Control, Flue Gas Desulfurization,  Dewatering and Water Supply (mining), Ground Water Development and Irrigation, Shipping, Waste Processing, Sewage Collection and Treatment, Water Supply and Distribution (water)


General Industries, Power Generation, Mining, Water Resources, Pulp and Paper, Chemical Processing

  • The multi-volute design provides the radial reactive forces with perfect balance for consistent smooth performances.
  • An enclosed, mixed flow impeller is designed with minimal vanes and wide passageways to minimize clogging. The vanes are rounded at the tips to prevent stringy materials from accumulating at the impeller eye.
  • The smallest model can pass spherical solids up to 76 mm (3 in) in diameter.  The larger models are capable of passing spherical solids up to 152 mm (6 in) in diameter.
  •  Splitter vanes are used to guide solids and stringy materials around the enclosing tube of the pump and direct them into the discharge without clogging.
  •  The enclosed lineshaft protects the bearing surfaces from abrasives.
  •  An available vortex suppressor can be used to ensure maximum hydraulic efficiency.

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 17 000 m3/h (75 000 gpm)
  • Heads to 40 m (130 ft)
  • Sizes 250 mm (10 in) to 1200 mm (48 in)
  • Drivers to 95 kW (1250 hp)